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Last updated 01 June 2015

iPhone App

Getting the Application

The iOS release of the Medirota app is compatible with all Apple devices running iOS 7 or 8. It can be accessed here, or by searching for “Medirota” on the App Store. A version for Android devices is also available.

Logging in

iPhone Login

When opening the app for the first time, you will reach a login page. The server is a version of the URL you use to access the full Medirota website appended with '/app' (i.e. for the server would be, your Medirota email and password remain the same.

Main Menu

You will find the following menu options upon logging in:

iPhone Menu

To view your own activity, select 'My Rota' or 'My Oncalls'. To see activity across your department, select 'Activities', 'Oncalls' or 'People'.

Throughout the app you can navigate forwards and backwards to view different days or weeks by either tapping the arrows at the top left and right of the screen, or by swiping the screen left and right. You can also tap on the date at the top of the screen to bring up a date picker that allows you to jump directly to any particular week.

Swiping downwards will manually refresh the page if you have an internet connection. The rota can still be accessed through cached data if you re-open the app without a connection, but the information may be out of date as a result.

My Rota

My Rota shows your activity for the current week.

iPhone My Rota

Session information displayed includes the activity, session title, and any other clinicians included in the session. If a note has been attached it will be displayed here as an icon. The rings around each session are colour-coded in the following way:

  • Dark green: available
  • Light grey: standard
  • Dark grey: oncall
  • Light green: alias
  • Black: blocked

My Oncalls

My Oncalls shows your oncall activity one week at a time.

iPhone My Oncalls


Activities provides an overview of all work across the department, ordered by activity. The Filters icon in the title bar allows you to restrict this view to a certain group of activities only.

iPhone Activities


Oncalls shows who is allocated for each of the oncalls for the selected day.

iPhone Oncalls


People shows sessions for each staff member in alphabetical order, so you can see where your colleagues are working. Like the Activities view, you can use the Filters icon to show only certain groups of people.

iPhone People Rota

Detailed session information

You can tap into any session to view further details, including any notes the administrator has attached.

iPhone Session Detail

My Leave

My Leave provides an overview of all of your upcoming leave bookings. You can tap into each one to view the details.

iPhone My Leave

Tap the menu icon in the top-right of the screen to reveal some further options.

iPhone Dropdown Menu


Settings allows you to log in with a different username and password, as well as connect to other department rotas that you may have access to.


Contact provides you with quick links to directly email your rota co-ordinator or the Rotamap support team.


Summary will show you an overview of how much leave you have taken and have remaining, as well as the details of your leave year . You can find a more detailed analysis under the Reports tab on the full site.


Help provides a quick guide to navigation, the colour coding on the rota, and other useful information.


If you have any questions about the Medirota app, please get in touch with the the Rotamap support team by emailing us at or by calling us on 020 7631 1555.