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Medirota for surgical, clinical and medical rotas

Proven in practice to improve team performance

Rotamap's Medirota service is used to effectively plan, adapt and report on mixed-role clinical activity for consultant-led services in a wide range of medical and surgical settings. Medirota is used to coordinate more than 3200 staff in 82 departments at 37 NHS Trusts.

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Quickly view where there are shortfalls or a surplus of staff, and which staff remain available to work

Quickly ascertain sessions requiring staff of particular roles, or which sessions have a staffing surplus.

Rapid and Accurate

The rapid composition and editing of rotas frees up consultant and administrative time.

Multi-week rotas can be constructed rapidly, with dropdowns showing utilisation and availability of staff matching the specified role requirements.

Change Logs

Use change logs and per-session notes to provide an audit trail and reasons why a session has changed

Logs show every change to a session. Reports can be run on each location/activity and each staff member.

Leave management

Medirota provides fine-grained session-based leave control

Medirota provides fine-grained leave control which includes leave limits by group.

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