always up to date

Always up to date

Changes occur in real time, so that updates are immediately viewable by all logged-in users of the rota


Plan activity

Plan future service demand and resource availability using job plan tools and per-session templating

easy to access

Easy to access

As a web based system Medirota is available wherever you have access to the Internet

manage demand

Manage demand

Medirota allows management to quickly assess shortfall or oversupply of resources

rapidly adjust

Rapidly adjust

Quickly and rapidly make adjustments to rotas to deal with unforseen circumstances

service reports

Service reports

Using the comprehensive reports available through the system, department activity and session utilisation can be tracked

Used by over 82 departments at 37 NHS Trusts

An encrypted, centralised, up-to-date service

Medirota is a secure, encrypted online service for managing the rotas of surgical and clinical departments such as orthopaedics, obstetrics, medicine, radiology and general surgery. Medirota is also suitable for large cross-disciplinary teams such as GUM clinics.

Key elements

The Medirota service makes rotas quick to construct and easy to adjust, while providing a centralised data source that is always up-to-date and easy to access wherever you are.

Medirota combines job-plans with an online leave book and flexible on-call tools to generate weekly rotas that ensure leave absences and the effects of on-call activity are reflected accurately. These facilities help eliminate errors such as double booking staff, as well as highlighting where cover is required due to absences well in advance.

Individual password-protected logins provide staff with access to their own personal rota, showing them in advance who they will be working with and allowing them to view the rota across the department. Read-only access can be provided to switchboard and theatres to improve communication and who to contact in an emergency.

As changes are tracked throughout the life-cycle of a week's rota, the resulting data provides a true reflection of the department's historical activity with an audit trail showing who made what changes and when.

Week-on-week departmental statistics can be viewed together with individual activity reports, providing the department with the ability to ensure planned cover is a good match for service demands.

Service model providing first-class support

Medirota is provided as a service which means we are constantly working to improve it. We also provide full support for the service at no additional cost.

Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information about the service or to arrange a demonstration.